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Training at MCI Media Hub

Training @ MCI Media Hub

Join the Media Challenge Academy and receive expert training in our practical 21st century journalism curriculum. Our target is to produce a one-(wo)man-army journalist who is not only multi-skilled but is equally socially conscious and ready to use journalism to create impact.

Besides our multimedia journalism training program, the MCI Media Hub will host media master classes, journalism entrepreneurship programs and subject themed journalism training programs.

Other Trainings

  • Universities partnerships with MCI to use the Hub Facilities and studios for practical training
  • Training small and medium media houses to adopt media viability principles
  • Skills sharing training for innovators in Residence and other media innovators

Studio Services

Studio Services

The MCI Media Hub boasts state-of-the-art radio and TV studios that provide a space for innovators to experiment with new models of storytelling and journalism businesses that they could not achieve in a traditional media setting.

Radio Studio
Do you run a podcast or do you want to produce new-age radio content? We have you covered with our fully equipped radio studio and podcast booths.

TV Studio
Our TV studio rooms provide easy-to-customize space for videographers, TV personalities and producers working on projects.

Studio Partnerships

Small and medium media houses can partner with our studios to produce content

Mainstream newsrooms can collaborate with MCI to use studios for special content

International correspondents and freelancers can use our studios

Media innovators can prototype new content and produce shows and content

Event Space

Struggling to host a creative event due to costs and technology? As long as the event generates critical conversations and insights, we can work, curate and host it with or for you at our MCI Media Theatre.

Depending on your needs

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Making Events Affordable for Small Organizations

The MCI Newsroom

The MCI Newsroom

We are creating an independent youth-powered journalism newsroom to support other newsrooms and organizations with special storytelling projects at an affordable fee. This model will give an opportunity for young journalists trained by MCI to practice journalism in a youth-friendly space while earning from their stories and getting published by mainstream media houses.

We are open to newsroom collaborations, stringer opportunities with international correspondents, rural media support and special story project collaboration with organizations. Hire our talented team of young journalists and media producers.

News producing collaborations with mainstream media

Stringer opportunities with international media

Content creation forĀ  rural and community media houses

Special story project partnerships with organisations and companies

Hub Community Newsroom for story ideation and collaboration among media innovators