Partner With Us


If you are an experienced media innovator, mentor or coach looking to share your skills and expertise, reach out to plan a training orĀ  master class for the Hub community.


Small and medium media houses: We support small media to develop and adopt media viability models and principles.


Heads of Media and Journalism Faculties at Higher Institutions of Learning, you are welcome to use our state-of-the-art media facility to train your students as we design the future of journalism education together. We will engage journalism university faculties, the public and private sector on research partnerships and advocacy around media viability and educating for the future.

Media Regulators:

We engage regulators on their role in determining the future of the media industry in Uganda as well as policymakers on frameworks to sustain the industry.


Keeping journalism alive requires investments in media independence and sustainability. Join our growing community of national and international funders to support our media innovators and programs.

NGO and Private Sector:

Our work of amplifying media innovation and building the next generation of journalists is highly facilitated by donor funding. We are thinking critically about sustainability. You can support our social enterprise by hosting your events at the MCI Hub and hiring our production department to tell your stories.